[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar BJ The Chicago Kid – Good Karma Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Verse 1]
I wanna date all of y’all1
Kiss you on the forehead ‘fore you go to bed
Tell you tomorrow girl we’re going to the mall2
Problem solved
Lost a few pounds, need a new fit3
Got a new man, got a new whip4
Got a new life now you the new shit
Wish I could make love to all of y’all
Do it to you real good like you never had
Making your mattress mad5
If the walls could talk
They would call the law
Tell it all, tell it all6

Heard you’ve been going through the worst7
You had this cord kord chord BJ The Chicago Kid – Good Karma Lyrics kunci gitar coming
Well I’m not Mr fix the hurt8
I’m just good karma, I’m just good karma9
Heard the world’s been getting on your nerves
You had this coming
Well I’m not Mr. fix the hurt
I’m just good karma, lirik terjemahan arti indonesia BJ The Chicago Kid – Good Karma Lyrics download mp3 take this good karma10

[Verse 2]
I hope I reach all of y’all11
Whether in the dorm room or the break room or the radio in your car
Let it touch your heart12
Close you eyes, take a deep breath
Picture me, touching you
Doing what you want me to13
I wanna get all of y’all
In the same place on the same day
At the same time girl I ain’t lying
If the walls could talk14
They would call the law
And tell it all, yeah


You know this is just procedure baby, you really deserve this
(You deserve everything, yeah)15
You just reaping what you sewed, this is chords BJ The Chicago Kid – Good Karma Lyrics lyrics all for you baby, all for you
Karma comes in a lot of ways, and you just happen to be looking at one of ’em. So baby please, close your eyes