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Love ain’t ever been so easy
Love ain’t ever been so easy
I love how you make it so easy
I love how you make it so easy

I love how you push it in so deeply
Make my body quiver, baby, make my feet shake
I love how you kiss me on both of the lips
Lick chords Dej Loaf - Easy Love lyrics lyrics me ’til I cum, ayy this that shit you won’t forget
Okay, let’s play, baby finish your plate
I’m tuggin’ on your zipper and you grabbin’ on my waist
No games, foreplay, shut up, do what I say
Open up your mouth, put this pussy on your face
Nigga behave, that’s exercise, he ain’t nothin’ lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Dej Loaf - Easy Love lyrics download mp3 like cord kord chord Dej Loaf - Easy Love lyrics kunci gitar them extra guys
Got myself a real nigga, so hatin’ hoes would be glad to get him
Just chill with him, iced up on chill with him
Couple shots of that peach Ciroc, he know I’m gon’ deal with him
I’m like what’s wrong with him, pussy wet, no thong with him
Strip club, in my zone with him, throwin’ money on my old nigga
I’m gone, nigga, silent mode, no phones with it
Never fuck with no broke nigga
He know I ain’t know gold digger
He got me like

[Chorus x2]

He’s got me waitin’ up all night, all night just to hit
I’m in the studio, then I pull out to your crib
Scratches on your back, I didn’t mean to do that, baby
I couldn’t help myself, you be fuckin’ me so crazy
On the couch, on the sink, in the shower, you a freak
In the whip, the backseat, windows tint, they can’t see
You know how it goes, I ain’t gotta say shit
I want this here forever, just me and you to the end

[Chorus x2]

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